Photos by Natalie Watson 

Photos by Natalie Watson 

Q: Why use a travel consultant or travel designer?

A: To save time, money, and utilize the expertise of a travel professional...and the perks!

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Nothing! Travel Consultants are compensated by hotels, airlines, and tour companies but this does not affect your pricing.  Since they are already being compensated, they provide complimentary services to clients. They also have all the insight necessary to save you money and upgrade your experience at no extra cost. 

Q: What is the benefit to me?

A: By using a Travel Consultant you will not only get the best rates, rooms available, and priority, you will also receive complementary VIP benefits. Because of our affiliation with SmartFlyer, we are able to utilize years of relationship building and industry expertise to provide the best services and benefits for all of our clientele. 

Q: Can I still get points?

A: Yes- most of the time, if we are booking you on a flight or hotel that you have a rewards membership with we are able to get you your points! 

Q:  Why not just use the internet?

A: We have relationships all over the world and first hand knowledge! The internet can overwhelm you with information, photos, and makeshift reviews. We have travel agents all over the globe dedicated to providing honest insight. We aren't the internet, we aren't trying to sell you something, we want to build a long lasting relationship with you and make sure your needs are met! The more we get to know you, the easier it is to plan custom trips for you every time you need to travel!